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Job Search Strategy: Weekly Roundup 2.6.17

Building a job search strategy before you hit the market is becoming more and more important.
Their are many touch points and prongs to ensure you capture and win opportunities.
Strategic? Or Transactional?
It’s your choice.

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Why and how recruiters can add real value.

The predominant feedback I get from candidates about the recruitment process is that timely, honest and constructive communication really matters. A lack of communication from internal and external recruiters, irrelevant – and often misdirected responses, automated responses that are just plain transactional, or no response at all creates a bad impression. Just tell it the way it is.

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Recruiters are like crop farmers I had an interesting discussion with a client about the role and performance of recruiters. The question from my client was; “I’ve had varying experiences with recruiters – how much do recruiters actually value their candidates?” My first response

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Interview Skills: Dealing with Weaknesses Continuing on from my last article Mind the Skills Gap this article will focus on ‘weaknesses’ and how to effectively front foot them at your interview. Rather than avoid a weakness that may sabotage your interview – acknowledge it

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Only 9% of roles filled by Recruitment Consultants. (Harvard Survey)

What’s your job search strategy for the other 91% of opportunities? Recruitment consultants play an important part in searching and placing candidates for ‘hard to fill’ roles. However; 1. The Wall Street Journal reports that 94% of successful job hunters

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Recruiting the Right Person – Selecting the Best Recruitment Consultant

So – you’ve decided that you’re not an expert recruiter for the role you’re trying to fill.  And frankly – you’re too busy generating revenue or managing other aspects of your business.  Your time is best spent doing what you

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