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Be Brave! The sum of the parts is greater than the whole!

When you are looking to make a step change in your career – be brave. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make it happen. I’m writing this piece to demonstrate that it is possible to leverage your transferable skills and

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Job Search Strategy: Weekly Roundup 2.6.17

Building a job search strategy before you hit the market is becoming more and more important.
Their are many touch points and prongs to ensure you capture and win opportunities.
Strategic? Or Transactional?
It’s your choice.

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Using Transferable Skills at Your Job Interview

Do you leave your transferable skills at the door of the interview room? Hindsight is a wonderful thing…. Right?  Well not when you’ve blown the interview it isn’t.  That’s a lost opportunity – however you call it. During your interview

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Only 9% of roles filled by Recruitment Consultants. (Harvard Survey)

What’s your job search strategy for the other 91% of opportunities? Recruitment consultants play an important part in searching and placing candidates for ‘hard to fill’ roles. However; 1. The Wall Street Journal reports that 94% of successful job hunters

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