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5 key steps to negotiate the best job offer

A call from a prospective employer or recruiter offering you ‘the dream job’ may come from out of the blue. Or if you’re actively job hunting you may be working through the recruitment process. Either way – in order to make

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Got the personal brand wobbles?

What does personal brand mean today? How is it formed? This article tests the theory about whether personal brand is still relevant and if so what is it really made up of in todays vastly different world.

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Just got the interview! Congratulations! So now what? 4 focus points 4 key focus points that enable you to prepare for a great interview! In my last post I outlined 7 key areas to focus on for the front page of your CV. Having won the opportunity to interview it

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A place of authenticity When you’re looking to secure your next role it’s an ideal opportunity to reflect and formalise what it is you really want and need before you start to submit applications. What is your authentic self? Begin by understanding what

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Interview Skills: Dealing with Weaknesses Continuing on from my last article Mind the Skills Gap this article will focus on ‘weaknesses’ and how to effectively front foot them at your interview. Rather than avoid a weakness that may sabotage your interview – acknowledge it

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Are Your Job Interview Answers Compelling?

Ever wondered why you’re not nailing job interviews… when you really thought you had? The Position Description may only detail a small percentage of the ‘why’.  It may not mention the hiring managers most pressing need(s).  Compelling value statements will

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