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Be Brave! The sum of the parts is greater than the whole!

When you are looking to make a step change in your career – be brave. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make it happen. I’m writing this piece to demonstrate that it is possible to leverage your transferable skills and

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The power of a few positive words

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a positive contribution to someones life. The ripple effect can be huge. It can be listening – without judging. It can be as simple as a hand on the shoulder – no words,

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7 steps to achieve a better recruiter experience

  There are many smart recruiters out there – just as there are many smart candidates. So why are so many smart candidates having such bad experiences with recruiters?   I’ve been inspired to write this blog because of ongoing feedback I

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Are you rolling the dice with your job search?

Published by Craig McAlpine at A few weeks ago I had a job searcher contact me via a LinkedIn Connection Request. The request went like this: “How much does it cost for you to write my CV ?” Ignoring the

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Want to get hired? Follow up on viewers of your LinkedIn profile If you’re hunting for a new role, looking for opportunities, or in sales – you should care about who’s viewed your profile. In this article I’ll explain why you should care. Take the time to understand the opportunities LinkedIn

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Recruiters are like crop farmers I had an interesting discussion with a client about the role and performance of recruiters. The question from my client was; “I’ve had varying experiences with recruiters – how much do recruiters actually value their candidates?” My first response

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Why Your Value Proposition Matters How many of you have picked up the phone only to hear a diatribe of ‘selling’? “Oh no…. it’s a telemarketer!” They’ve gone on for at least 2 minutes – no breath. I can virtually see the caller turning

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What Do Hiring Managers Want To See On The Front Page Of Curriculum Vitae?

In today’s increasingly fast paced world of business – ‘less is more’ may certainly be true when it comes to the candidate curriculum vitae.  But what content do Hiring Managers really want to see on the ‘front page’ or ‘one

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Using Transferable Skills at Your Job Interview

Do you leave your transferable skills at the door of the interview room? Hindsight is a wonderful thing…. Right?  Well not when you’ve blown the interview it isn’t.  That’s a lost opportunity – however you call it. During your interview

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Defining and Measuring the Attributes of Your Next Role

“I need to get my CV in shape – please help me”! That statement’s often the first thing I hear from my clients.  My response is; “In shape for what?” Most often, they don’t really know ‘for what’.  They’ve just

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