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5 key steps to negotiate the best job offer

A call from a prospective employer or recruiter offering you ‘the dream job’ may come from out of the blue. Or if you’re actively job hunting you may be working through the recruitment process. Either way – in order to make

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Why and how recruiters can add real value.

The predominant feedback I get from candidates about the recruitment process is that timely, honest and constructive communication really matters. A lack of communication from internal and external recruiters, irrelevant – and often misdirected responses, automated responses that are just plain transactional, or no response at all creates a bad impression. Just tell it the way it is.

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Leverage your transferable skills. No limit!

Transferable skills are powerful tools that enable you to leverage your experience towards achieving your next career move!

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Skill fit: Do you really have it?

You may think you have the right skills and experience for a particular role – but how close are you really to meeting the requirements of the hiring manager? During the application process – through your CV, screening conversations, and

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Why Facebook needs to be included in your job search strategy

Companies are searching for talent in all the right places. LinkedIn is one of them!

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Got the personal brand wobbles?

What does personal brand mean today? How is it formed? This article tests the theory about whether personal brand is still relevant and if so what is it really made up of in todays vastly different world.

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Just got the interview! Congratulations! So now what? 4 focus points 4 key focus points that enable you to prepare for a great interview! In my last post I outlined 7 key areas to focus on for the front page of your CV. Having won the opportunity to interview it

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Your CV: 7 front page rules to hook your audience

Learn how to build a compelling front page to your CV and win the attention of your audience in less than 10 seconds!

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8 Key Steps to Focus Your LinkedIn Brand If you’re serious about your professional brand on LinkedIn it’s important that you actively and consistently communicate your subject matter expertise to your target audience. In essence you need to have a well planned and locked in go-to-market process

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Candidates; Are you blind to cultural fit? There are two key areas why you’ll be rejected during the interview process. Cultural Fit Functional Fit Candidate analysis of cultural fit seems to be at best left to the last minute and at worst – totally ignored. It

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