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Be Brave! The sum of the parts is greater than the whole!

When you are looking to make a step change in your career – be brave. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make it happen. I’m writing this piece to demonstrate that it is possible to leverage your transferable skills and

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Job Search Strategy: Weekly Roundup 9.6.2017

Wow – this has been an interesting week! I’ve had some amazing feedback from clients around how developing a clear value proposition and being able to articulate that in the form of their CV, LinkedIn profile and their interviews has

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Job Search Strategy: Weekly Roundup 2.6.17

Building a job search strategy before you hit the market is becoming more and more important.
Their are many touch points and prongs to ensure you capture and win opportunities.
Strategic? Or Transactional?
It’s your choice.

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Why securing a new role is getting tougher

A significant part of why people are finding it tougher to secure a new #job in New Zealand is this:

“The United Kingdom comprises the largest group of visitors planning to work here on nearly 7000, followed by France, Germany and Australia.”

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The power of a few positive words

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a positive contribution to someones life. The ripple effect can be huge. It can be listening – without judging. It can be as simple as a hand on the shoulder – no words,

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When do I ask about remuneration?

Find out when and how to ask how much the role is paying.

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What do employers want from Career Transition providers?

What do employers look for from Career Transition providers?

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5 key steps to negotiate the best job offer

A call from a prospective employer or recruiter offering you ‘the dream job’ may come from out of the blue. Or if you’re actively job hunting you may be working through the recruitment process. Either way – in order to make

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Connection Requests: Stop spamming your brand!

LinkedIn Connection requests can damage or add value to your brand. This article reminds us to treat requests with respect.

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Why and how recruiters can add real value.

The predominant feedback I get from candidates about the recruitment process is that timely, honest and constructive communication really matters. A lack of communication from internal and external recruiters, irrelevant – and often misdirected responses, automated responses that are just plain transactional, or no response at all creates a bad impression. Just tell it the way it is.

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