Why securing a new role is getting tougher

A significant part of why job seekers are finding it tougher to secure a new #job in New Zealand is this:

“The United Kingdom comprises the largest group of visitors planning to work here on nearly 7000, followed by France, Germany and Australia.” 

This article in the New Zealand Herald today provides a significant insight into the reasons why there are real challenges for those who are seeking to secure employment or indeed a new role here in New Zealand. Particularly those who may have found it easier a few years ago.

Migrant graphic

It aint what it used to be!

Earlier this week one of my ‘mid career’ clients said to me;

“…I used to be able to just get a new job when I wanted one, but it seems to be tougher this time. Before, the roles would come my way – but this time I don’t seem to be getting the interviews that I used to…”

When I looked at their CV and listened to their pitch, I understood why.

My client is now competing in a radically different job acquisition arena compared to where they were 3 years ago – against candidates who are not only hungry and as technically qualified for the same role – but who often bring more and are prepared to take the job for less.

Sure, these skilled migrants may not have the local knowledge but they bring an attitude that takes nothing for granted.

They don’t simply land on their feet. Those migrants who are successful in securing a new role have invested the time and the effort to understand what New Zealand employers and recruiters want to see in a CV, what they need to do to not only secure an interview, but where their value proposition and interview skills need to be in order to win the role over a ‘local’ with local knowledge and local experience.

As a job search and acquisition strategist I’m seeing more and more people coming to me – migrants and ‘kiwi’s’, who realise that simply pushing the ‘APPLY NOW’ button on a job ad isn’t going to position them to be successful in securing a new role. Candidates are starting to get more savvy.

So if as a ‘local’ you’re not refreshing your approach to securing a new role – chances are you’re going to be way behind those who have.

You can continue to do what you did 3 or more years ago, but you’ll fail more often. The landscape has changed dramatically, not only with the competition for jobs significantly increasing and successful candidates investing more time up front before they hit the market, but also in the way hiring managers and recruiters are sourcing, processing and securing talent.

Don’t hit the APPLY NOW button without knowing you’re prepared and have done all you can to position yourself to win.

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About Craig

Craig is a Job Search Strategist.

He provides tailored Career Coaching, Curriculum Vitae (CV), LinkedIn Profiling and Career Transition/Outplacement services. His focus is to assist those seeking a new role to develop their marketing collateral, interview skills and to achieve the best possible outcome.

He is recognised for his ability to develop his clients’ communication skills to enable them to sell their value proposition to employers and recruitment consultants, increasing their confidence and their ability to back themselves.

Craig draws on over 20 years of leadership experience within various sectors including HR, Recruitment, Professional Services, Financial Services, and Technology, supported by a strong background in sales and marketing.

Craig’s clients span New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pac, UAE and across to the UK, with his job search strategy articles read in over 130 countries.

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