The power of a few positive words

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a positive contribution to someones life.

The ripple effect can be huge.

It can be listening – without judging.

It can be as simple as a hand on the shoulder – no words, just to let that person know you’re there for them.

It can be a few carefully chosen words in support that they can reflect on.

It can be passing on feedback to someone who you know made a real difference too.

I had some amazing feedback on Sunday that I’d like to share, because I think we’re all capable of making a difference. All of us.

The conversation went something like this…

But first some background:

The back story:

A friend of mine placed a message on Facebook last year – rather sad, saying their role had been disestablished. They’d been with the organisation for quite a few years. The news rocked them. They didn’t see it coming.

I saw their Facebook post and went back to them asking if they’d been offered an Outplacement or Career Transition Programme by their employer. They hadn’t. I knew their employer had offered such a service to other employees in the past. So I suggested they follow up and ask their manager and HR if they would be prepared to provide such a programme. They did, and the results are spelt out below.

Have a read, it’s our dialogue. And this is why I believe it’s the simple things that can make a positive contribution to someones life.

The conversation…


“…I just wanted to thank you; when I lost my job and posted about it you asked if [my company] offered “outplacement services”. I had no idea what they were but, as you’d mentioned it, I did ask and lo and behold they did. To cut a long story short this turned out to be very very useful, the person I got (From [the outplacement company]) was great and was instrumental in getting me back on my feet . So, although you merely asked a question, you really helped me, so thank you 🙂”


That’s really nice of you to say that. Can I pass this on to [the outplacement company]?

I’m pleased [the outplacement company] were able to assist you. Can I ask who your coach was?


“More than happy for you to pass on to [the outplacement company], it was [the coach] who helped me.

Cheers 🙂”

Now, the reality is I simply asked a question. They had to follow through. It was their employer who said “yes”. It was their coach that delivered a great experience.

The person went on to secure a new role. But just as important – they regained their confidence and self belief.

It took just a bit of thought and a few words.

So if you hear of someone who is faced with a forced change of employment, reach out. You may make a difference.

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Craig provides tailored Career Coaching, Curriculum Vitae (CV), LinkedIn Profiling and Career Transition/Outplacement services. His focus is to assist those seeking a new role to develop their marketing collateral, interview skills and to achieve the best possible outcome.

He is recognised for his ability to develop his clients’ communication skills to enable them to sell their value proposition to employers and recruitment consultants, increasing their confidence and their ability to back themselves.

Craig draws on over 20 years of leadership experience within various sectors including HR, Recruitment, Professional Services, Financial Services, and Technology, supported by a strong background in sales and marketing.

Craig’s clients span New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pac, UAE and across to the UK, with his job search strategy articles read in over 130 countries.

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