What do employers want from Career Transition providers?

When I look at the choice of providers for Career Transition/Outplacement services the market appears to be crowded – and ranges from large global providers down to single operator coaches. However, irrespective of size most seem to communicate a similar offering with the only key differences being the coaches, the e-platform/portal, collateral and/or delivery options (online, telephone, self service or full service face to face).

Most seem to be employer centric in their value proposition (outcomes).

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Over the last 5 years I’ve seen employers – some of them quite large (banks, telco’s and government), either significantly reducing or abandoning the Career Transition services offered to their employees. In addition I’ve seen providers margins being squeezed to the point that it’s become more and more difficult to offer the full service option previously expected (a little similar to outsourced recruitment) and replaced with online and telephone support.

Where-as 5 years ago webinars, scaled back self service portals and telephone support were frowned upon by employers it’s now starting to become the norm. Whilst face-to-face is undoubtably the preferred option for employees the selection by employers of the online channel is to some degree understandable. Online self service portals have become more sophisticated and offer way more functionality than they did 5 years ago. Employee access to the internet from home is also now more ubiquitous – further increasing the viability of online and video linked Skype and webinar based programmes.

So what are the qualitative measures and selection criteria employers are using? Are employers looking for demonstrated employee outcomes based services? Or is Career Transition becoming a ‘be seen to be doing the right thing’ option.

What do employers look for from Career Transition providers?

I’d like to find out and would appreciate it if you are an employer and/or decision maker around Career Transition services for your employees taking the time to answer and comment on the below survey.

Note: The survey is anonymous.

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Craig provides tailored Career Coaching, Curriculum Vitae (CV), LinkedIn Profiling and Career Transition/Outplacement services. His focus is to develop his clients marketing collateral and interview skills to achieve the best possible outcome.

He is recognised for his ability to develop his clients’ communication skills to enable them to sell their value proposition to employers and recruitment consultants, increasing their confidence and ability to back themselves, ultimately winning more employment opportunities and more importantly – selecting the right one.

Craig draws on over 20 years of leadership experience within various sectors including HR, Recruitment, Professional Services, Financial Services, and Technology, supported by a strong background in sales and marketing.

Craig’s clients span from New Zealand, Australia, UAE and across to the UK, with his career advice articles read in over 130 countries.

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