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All – but not quite yet….

Before you sign off for the day put time into some personal brand reflections.

Start to understand the impact of your actions and the outcomes they have on your personal brand, and what others will remember you for.

Write down:

  1. On-brand: Actions and outcomes that have reinforced your personal brand in the direction you want to be remembered for. Add up the total time invested.
  2. Off brand: Actions and outcomes that have pushed your personal brand in the direction you least want to be known for. Add up the total time invested.

Now look at the impact each of those outcomes had on your personal brand – and weight them. For example you may have done something that took very little time, took you completely off brand, but it’s impact was the most memorable and had the greatest impact on those around you. On a scale of 1 to 9 multiply that time. It may be a 9!

Similarly weight the ‘on brand’ investments and weight.

Then add up the respective On Brand and Off Brand scores so you get a total for each.

What’s your day looking like? you could transfer these outcomes and run the calculations within Excel and create a pie chart if you want to.

Pie chart

To know what is on or off brand we need to make the assumption that you have clarity around your brand and proposition.

Now, this isn’t scientific in any way. But it’s an attempt to get you started on recognising where your focus is each day, each week, each month and tracking your progress.

Discuss these outcomes with your mentor, coach, manager – anyone you believe you can confide in. Get their thoughts.

Think about your brand focus before you tackle Tuesday!


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