What’s your LinkedIn Word Cloud?

Let’s have some fun with our LinkedIn profiles – and learn a few things about our profile focus as we go along.

Have you ever wanted to gain an indicative ‘picture’ of the prominence of words in your LinkedIn profile and how you may be perceived by others? What stands out?

Are you on message – and what’s different from the content you’re populating your LinkedIn Summary and Experience areas with to that provided by others in their LinkedIn Recommendations for you.  Are they similar?

What’s the story they tell combined? Is it what you’re wanting?


There’s a fun and simple way to find out

Have you ever heard of a Word Cloud (also referred to as a Tag Cloud)?

It’s an easy to use on-line tool that you can copy and paste in the text from various areas of your LinkedIn profile. And to make it even more attractive the online word cloud tools are often free.

I took a view of my profile using a word cloud and the results were interesting! Fair to say – as a result, I made a few tweaks.

You can try out the various online options available just to see what works best for you.

Some Word Cloud options are:

You need to be cognisant of what your target audience is looking for and the level of importance of each word as they relate to the optimisation of your LinkedIn profile for talent search purposes.

Remember – the Word Cloud you generate is only a representation of the number of times a particular word is used – it’s not a measure of the importance of each word.

Breaking down your LinkedIn profile:

For the purposes of generating a LinkedIn Word Cloud you can break your LinkedIn profile down into 3 key areas:

  • Summary
  • Experience (I suggest your last 3 roles)
  • Recommendations (the same 3 roles)

Of course you could include other areas your LinkedIn profile has – such as your Headline Experience, Skills, Publications and Interests.

Copy and paste the content of these areas in to 3 separate Word Clouds – one for each. You could then combine Summary and Experience to gain an overall picture of your own text. You could then combine Summary, Experience and Recommendations (+ other areas if you’ve used them) to gain an over-all picture. The combinations are really up to you.  Work with what you have.

For example my LinkedIn Recommendations looked like this:

The key message coming across here is that I have helped people with their careers and focused on various areas to do this. Phew! I’m glad that’s on message!

My own LinkedIn combined Summary and Experience looked like this:

The key message coming across in the Summary and Experience areas of my LinkedIn profile is still ‘Career’. And I’m clearly focusing the content on the key areas I want my target audience to see and identify with. I think Im pretty much on message here too. If I wasn’t getting the results I wanted – I’d be making some changes – and I did make a couple.

Combining all 3 – the Word Cloud result looks like this:

For my profile the key words combined seem to be:

  • Career
  • LinkedIn
  • Work
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Job
  • Role
  • Coach

And others….

Again – I’m pretty happy with this but I know I’ll still be tweaking my profile as time goes on to optimise my content, generate interest and maintain the traction I need.

Get Creative

I’ve used different online tools just to experiment and demonstrate a basic outline of what you can achieve – most of these tools can be fine tuned to represent a more accurate picture – removing certain words and combining others to form a term/name such as ‘curriculum vitae’.

If you want to use a Word Cloud for marketing purposes, perhaps the shape of your logo or something that represents what you do, you can have some fun and create your own shapes to represent your brand.

An example of a shape I’ve generated which is used in my marketing material…

Lets get you into that chair!

Have some fun and see how you go.

What comes through in your LinkedIn Word Cloud?

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About Craig:

Craig works with his clients to build a tailored Career Brand, LinkedIn Profile, Curriculum Vitae (CV).  He also works with corporates and individuals who require assistance during Outplacement/Career Transition. His focus is squarely on developing his clients’ marketing collateral and interview skills to position and achieve the best possible outcome. Craig’s clients span from New Zealand, Australia, UAE and across to the UK, and his career advice articles are read by many thousands of career mined individuals across more than 135 countries.

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Craig draws on over 20 years of leadership experience within various sectors including Recruitment, Professional Services, Financial Services, and Technology, supported by a strong background in sales and marketing.


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