Want to get hired? Follow up on viewers of your LinkedIn profile

Not following up with your LinkedIn viewers could mean lost opportunities. How many opportunities are you missing out on?

Not following up with your LinkedIn viewers could mean lost opportunities. How many opportunities are you missing out on?


If you’re hunting for a new role, looking for opportunities, or in sales – you should care about who’s viewed your profile.

In this article I’ll explain why you should care.

Take the time to understand the opportunities LinkedIn can deliver by using it’s subscription features properly – especially the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ feature.

As a subscribed LinkedIn member (Job Seeker, Sales, etc) you are able to see more views than unpaid members who are limited to the last 5 views within the last 90 days. Think carefully as to whether you should subscribe to a paid LinkedIn service.

Sometimes members set their profile’s security setting to ‘anonymous’. i.e. you can’t see that they have viewed your profile. Click here to find out about this privacy setting. Some find this feature of LinkedIn contra to why they joined LinkedIn in the first place.

It’s up to you to consider why you’re using LinkedIn, the size of the investment you make, and what you need to get back.

If you haven’t asked yourself this question; ‘why have I got a LinkedIn profile?’ then you wont know your objectives – let alone achieve them.

Most have a LinkedIn profile to capture new opportunities. If you want to capture the obvious as well as the not so obvious opportunities then you need to know who has looked at your LinkedIn profile and you must follow up with that viewer to convert.

The shop keeper analogy:

You’re running a shop and you see a prospective customer walk into your shop. What do you do?

Firstly you don’t just hide behind your counter and ignore the customer. You acknowledge the customer. Then you find out what their drivers and motivators are for being in your shop by establishing their needs. Then you aim to assist.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How often have I walked into a shop and received no attention?
  2. How often have I walked out of that shop because I can’t see what I’m looking for?
  3. How often have I gotten tired of waiting and/or looking for what I want and consequently moved on to the next shop?

The reality is that the service and/or product you’re looking for in that shop may not have been that obvious. And worse, nobody even acknowledged you were there. Put simply – the opportunity for you and the the shop keeper was lost through a lack of communication.

Your LinkedIn profile is your shop. Acknowledge your prospective customer (viewers).

As for shop displays – your LinkedIn profile may not be spot on – but you could be. Find out by acknowledging the prospect and following up.

The king hit question for everyone:

Q. How often have you missed out on an opportunity through not following up and how would you know?

A. You don’t know – unless you follow up.

3 reasons why you need to know who’s viewed your profile

  1. Are they just browsing (prospecting)?
  2. Have they got a particular requirement they need to satisfy (an opportunity for you)?
  3. Can you satisfy that requirement (test and convert)?

To know the answers to these 3 questions you need to reach out, acknowledge and communicate. Reaching out can’t happen unless you care about who’s viewed your profile. The reverse could be a missed opportunity. Be brave. Reach out.

Be memorable:

Remember – Your LinkedIn profile is your shopfront and it needs to be memorable

You may have a personal website (online shopfront) that presents your capability a lot more effectively than LinkedIn can. Or LinkedIn may be your only online shopfront. Your website analytics may not be able to show you who’s viewed your website and automatically provide a means to communicate directly. LinkedIn can show you who’s viewed your profile…. and it provides you with the means to follow up. That’s a gifted lead!

Whilst your profile may not immediately shout out your suitability for a specific opportunity, by following up directly with the viewer you may just bridge that gap and/or open up other opportunities.

Ensure your profile is memorable and represents your brand – so when you do follow up with the viewer you can draw their attention to it and they’ll remember you.

Through my clients and my own results I know that knowing who has viewed my profile delivers opportunities which would otherwise have been lost.

Click here to find out how you can see who’s viewed your LinkedIn profile beyond the last 5 in 90 days.

LinkedIn provides many forms of graphs and charts that can track the source, sector and demographic of your viewers. At the end of the day – it’s up to you to decide how much you are willing invest in time and money to convert profile views into new opportunities.

What are your thoughts?

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