LinkedIn, it’s beginning to get noisy in here!

Turn down the noise and hear the right things - for you!

Turn down the noise and hear the right things – for you!

Are you finding LinkedIn messages, status updates and posts are increasing to the point where it’s getting really noisy in your LinkedIn space?

Well, you’re not alone!

I recently wrote an article on how to cut through the noise on LinkedIn so you can be seen and heard. The article focused on optimising your LinkedIn profile to be found by the right people for the right opportunities.

You can read the article here

Filter the right stuff

But, it’s not just about you being heard. It’s also about you being able to filter the right traffic for your own benefit as well.

As connections increase and LinkedIn becomes more and more popular, the volume of content, status updates, articles etc. is becoming crazy busy! So much so that those of us who have an extensive number of connections are beginning to feel like we’re drowning in information overload, and not all of it is that great! The risk is that those of our connections whose posts and articles we’d most like to read are being missed in an overcrowded and noisy room.

If that’s how you’re feeling then here’s 5 ways you can turn down the volume!


While LinkedIn Groups are a great way to amplify your messages, increase reach and gain some great information, the Group traffic can also cause a mega amplification of updates! Think about how engaged you want to be in group activity. If you want to quieten things down a little, change your group settings.


Go to the group and click on the ‘i’ at the top right of your screen. Click on ‘Your Settings’ and un-click the e-mail notification for all new posts. Set your digest to ‘Weekly’.

Habitual ‘Posters’

Some members seem to love posting all of their changes and anything else that they can ‘like’, ‘share’ or comment on! You may wish to retain the connection – but maybe just not hear so much from them. Unfortunately for us, LinkedIn doesn’t have a graduated ‘volume control’ for individual member notifications and updates. It’s all or nothing. But there is a way.


You can ‘hide’ specific members updates by placing your cursor over the little arrow to the right of their next update. Select ‘Hide’. If you’re close enough to them, you may wish to share with them what’s happening and give them the heads up that they may be losing their impact. Turn it down a little!


LinkedIn is gaining momentum as an effective marketing and communications tool. LinkedIn are promoting it. And it is an effective tool if used correctly. However – with that we’re also seeing a significant increase in spamming and unsolicited e-mails. The ones I get from off-shore marketing companies promising to grow my business for me are just plain annoying. If you’re one of those companies. Heads up; Please stop it! You can solve this.


So – you can block a member if they become annoying. I’ve only had one instance of this. A Dr…. someone from the UK decided that his business was definitely going to be a part of my business, even after I asked him to stop. Unfortunately for him, he got blocked and reported. It’s all gone quiet!

Privacy Settings

There is a centralised way of managing your communication settings aimed at putting you in control of the volume and type of content you’re receiving. Before you go tearing in and setting your communications to weekly digests, think about your objectives for LinkedIn. If you’re a candidate wanting a job, you may want to respond quickly to any status updates or notifications. So setting your notifications to a weekly e-mail journal may not be the best thing for you.


Put your cursor over your thumbnail picture at the top right hand of your screen. Click ‘Privacy & Settings’. You’ll find an extensive list of communication controls here.


Nice work LinkedIn. I get a notification from LinkedIn Publishers that I follow when they publish an article. For the most part there’s some really good reads in this lot. But some Publishers are like machines and publish one or more articles per day! I’m not sure where they get the time. I know some of them engage ‘ghost writers’. But heck – once per day? I don’t know about you – but I just turn off and ignore them after a while!

Anyway, if you want to reduce the publisher notifications in your ‘flag’ area, and be selective about who you follow it’s really easy.


Any publishers that you’re no longer interested in receiving articles from, go to the article notification in the ‘flag’ menu and within the article notification click the ‘x’. You can then unsubscribe from their updates. If you want to check in on them again, you can always click on their profile and look at their ‘recent activity’ and ‘published’ articles under the ‘Posts’ menu. This puts you in control.

I hope this has helped. If you have found this article of use, please share it with your connections and/or Groups. (hopefully it’s an OK sort of ‘noise’!)

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