Why Your Value Proposition Matters

Is your first call to the recruitment consultant working for or against you?

Is your first call to the recruitment consultant working for or against you?


How many of you have picked up the phone only to hear a diatribe of ‘selling’?

“Oh no…. it’s a telemarketer!”

They’ve gone on for at least 2 minutes – no breath. I can virtually see the caller turning purple and choking from a lack of oxygen and I can’t get a word in edge ways.

All due respect to the telemarketer – but the first thing I’ve felt is “So what, I don’t care”.

Then I just say “thanks very much but I’m not interested”.

What happened here?

Well, 3 things.

1. The caller didn’t know my pain points (or if I had any). Fail!

2. There wasn’t a value proposition that resonated. So I wasn’t hooked. Fail!

3. I didn’t even care enough to want to learn more. Fail!

So let’s just flip this around.

How often have you tried to get through to a recruiter and / or a hiring manager and one of 3 things has happened?

  1. They didn’t get back to you
  2. They didn’t tell you anything useful
  3. They weren’t ‘listening’ to you

Instead of focusing on the ‘they’. How about focusing on what it was you’ weren’t or were doing that delivered a poor result?

So, before you call a recruiter or hiring manager to find out more about that role, think about the ‘telemarketer effect’.

No Value Proposition equals No Hook equals No Buy.

What’s yours?

You can start by applying ‘The 3 Why’s’.

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