Stand firm on the Attributes of Your Next Job Opportunity

Be clear about the attributes of your next role and, stand firm.

Be clear about the attributes of your next role and, stand firm.

During your search for a new role you may be presented with numerous opportunities.  Some of them may come out of the blue, others you will have proactively pursued.  At some point you may even be courted by a recruiter and/or prospective employer.

So the question is “how do I manage these opportunities and stand firm on my opportunity criterion?”

Just as important, “I need to be clear about my requirements”

The process of selecting a role includes a number of steps and gateways that guide you throughout the decision process.  The easiest and most objective method is to formalise these gateways before you start your search.  In fact – start the process now while you’re not pressured.

Determine what it is that is important to you by undertaking a career analysis.

Some key criteria (attributes) for you to define are:

  • What is my Career Mission?
  • What is my Career Vision?
  • What are my Career and Personal Values, Drivers and Motivators?
  • What Skill areas for development do I need to address?
  • What is the Career Pathway I need to take to achieve my mission and vision?
  • What will my Remuneration be?
  • What Location(s) am I prepared to consider (ranked)?
  • What is the ideal Culture fit for me?
Just how flexible are you? Be clear on what is tradeable and what is not.

Just how flexible are you? Be clear on what is tradeable and what is not.

How do I gain some clear insights into these attributes?

Each attribute requires a good deal of thought.  You need to invest time at this point to ensure your next role is as close as possible to your ideal.  Invest the time before you start your search and you’re likely to remain more objective regarding your decisions. If you are flexible – ask yourself why, and to what degree.  Be clear on what is tradeable and what is not.

If you say you’re flexible on a key attribute, ensure you leave no doubt in the recruiter’s / hiring manager’s mind as to how much and what that will look like.  i.e. Reduce ambiguity.

Read more about defining your role attributes here

When you’ve determined and ranked each attribute you can then use these to assess each opportunity and make your decisions objectively and decisively.

You will have a powerful set of role attributes that will provide you and the people you engage with (career coach, recruitment consultant(s) and prospective employers) the clarity to make the right decisions.

As long as you clearly define and communicate – without ambiguity, the attributes of your next role you can stand firm.

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