Should You Involve Recruitment Consultants as Part of Your Job Search Strategy?

Select the right recruiter(s) for you - and work closely with them.

Select the right recruiter(s) for you – and work closely with them.

The answer to that question is;  Most likely yes.

But how do you get the best results?

Recruitment consultants come in all shapes and sizes, and I’m not talking about their body shapes! (although that’s true too).

So you need to consider which consultants are going to add most value to your job search.  For the purposes of this discussion, I’m leaving ‘Executive Search Consultants’ out of the mix.

Five + Five: Things to consider when selecting a consultant

  1. Are they a specialist for a particular role level – junior through to senior? Match to the level of your role.
  2. What types of roles do they recruit?  Often this will point to the networks and sectors they interact with.
  3. Does their business geography include your target area?  Work with a recruiter who has clients in the area(s) you’re targeting.
  4. What’s their track record?  Check for recommendations and whether they can provide a sample of recent roles they’ve filled which match your needs.
  5. Will they provide reliable advice and guidance?  In other words; Will they provide added value to your search?

That’s just five.  There are more.  Essentially you need to feel they are treating you with respect, understand your value, your  capabilities, and will  fairly represent you.

Now – I used the word ‘respect’ with good reason.  You need to earn it.  I’m not sure why it is, but some candidates seem to think recruitment consultants are the bottleneck or show stopper to winning their dream role.  If you think that – I’d ask you to consider 5 more things.

  1. What is it about your abilities that will get their attention?  Have your value proposition and benefits sorted.  Articulate these in your first conversation (10 to 15 seconds) and you’re off to a great start.
  2. Have you explained clearly the type of role you are looking for, been clear about the location, industry, company type etc?  No surprises.
  3. Have your CV as close as possible to perfect.  It is not likely to be ‘pitch perfect’ for each specific role you’re being considered for.  So make it clear to the consultant that going forward you will re-focus your CV to target the requirements of specific roles.
  4. Be clear about your expectations around career path.  This will help the consultant to align you with ‘best fit’ companies and opportunities.
  5. Be clear on your expectations for remuneration.  Don’t flip-flop.  Don’t get to the point of negotiation and ‘blindside’ the consultant with expectations way out of kilter with those previously agreed.  If you do want to negotiate up – and likely you will, have good reason.

Keep in mind it’s actually a 3-way partnership.  Consultant – Candidate – Hiring Manager.  Each needs to be committed to get a great outcome.  Get your part right and the consultant will love you for it.

When you do decide to engage a consultant – make the most of it!

Don’t forget – recruitment consultants fill only a small percentage of the roles – so you need to have a well rounded job search strategy.

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