Only 9% of roles filled by Recruitment Consultants. (Harvard Survey)

What’s your job search strategy for the other 91% of opportunities?

Recruitment consultants play an important part in searching and placing candidates for ‘hard to fill’ roles.

1. The Wall Street Journal reports that 94% of successful job hunters claimed networking had made all the difference.

2. 60 to 90% of jobs are found informally – friends, relatives, and direct contacts.

3. Mark S. Granovetter, Harvard sociologist, said “informal contacts” account for almost 75% of all successful job searches. Agencies find 9% of new jobs for professional and technical people. Advertisements yield another 10% or so.

So what are you doing to capture the other 90% of job opportunities?

Get networking!
Why wouldn’t you? Aim to find the un-advertised opportunities. Use every available resource available to you. Networking, referrals and ‘career centre’ databases are the predominant source of candidates for hiring managers.

Develop and build your profile within career centre databases, networks and social media. Organisations are creating career websites – capturing candidate information and profiling expertise to match vacancies. Financial Services, Professional Services, Telecommunications and IT are examples of sectors that have moved towards this method of attracting candidates and filling roles.

Your Networking Starts…. NOW!
Contacts. Social Media. Associations….. Anyone you know or don’t know – yet.

Some Examples:

Business Contacts:
You’re just graduating?
You may feel your network is somewhat limited. You have options. University Career Centres, Friends networks, University Alumni, Clubs etc.

Seek out market information and contacts. Corporates and Career Centres often undertake ‘Graduate Intake Programs’. Student Career Centres will have contacts that may be able to provide external advice – business managers, industry associations, events etc. Attend the networking evenings your Career Centre facilitates.

You’re a seasoned professional?
If 90% of roles are filled via networks and referrals, your only strategy better not just be Recruitment Consultants. Get out there and let your trusted network know you’re interested in new opportunities. If you’re limiting yourself to 10% of the opportunities you’re really saying “I only want a 2% chance of scoring my next role. And that’s the ones you find. Really?

First off; Make sure your profile communicates your value.
Search out companies and connect with people you think may be able to provide advice or opportunities. People like to help people. Companies like to know they’re being noticed. Get active – build your profile and let people know you’re out there looking. Be appropriate in the way you connect with and approach people using social media.

This social media channel is not just for fun! It’s often the outlet for companies (and their clients) to voice their news and views. Use it to discover information and contacts in your area, subject matter experts, and – yes, job opportunities. Follow the companies you like and get to know them (same with Linkedin). This will not only find opportunities – but also prep you for your interview.

Recruitment Consultants
Yes – include consultants in your networking plan. When it comes to opening doors these guys can be your best friends. They are often well networked, and while they may not be engaged formally to place your next role, they could get you in the door. Work with them.

Get active! Start Networking!

If you need advice regarding your job search or social media strategy – get in touch.

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